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Sector: Design and creation of industrial moulds

Persico is a medium-sized Italian firm, with around €150 million turnover, and a world leader in the design and creation of high quality moulding, operating in the automotive, industrial, aeronautical, medical and competition sailboat sectors. It has production facilities in Italy, the USA and China.

Deliverable: Competitive Strategy
Contents: Analysis of technological trends, competitive scenario, organizational structure diligence, product portfolio assessment

Deliverable: Sales strategy
Contents: Analysis of the sales value chain, assessment of the emerging and unsatisfied needs, definition of a “coopetition strategy”

Deliverable: Industrial plan
Contents: Trend analysis, competitive scenario, product portfolio assessment, economic-financial analysis, assessment of turnover by geographic area, sales structure analysis

Deliverable: Product innovation (Leonardo Smart)
Contents: Analysis of unsatisfied needs, identification of Unique Selling Propositions, go-to-market definition